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Ausiken Co-operative is a community-based savings and credit cooperative society in Western Australia founded and operated on ethical principles and values. The Society was registered in 2016 in accordance with the Cooperatives Act 2009 (WA) with the aim of improving the economic and social livelihood of its members in Australia.

Ausiken Co-op has registered a positive financial growth over the years while its membership which is drawn Kenyan Community in Australia has increased tremendously. Our products and services are developed to enhance the economic welfare of our members largely made up of students in the institutes of high learning, permanent residence and citizens with small and medium income earning aim at growing together as a community.


To promote a savings and investment culture while providing affordable credit for the enhancement of the economic and social welfare of our members.


To be a model Co-operative Society that is empowering the community economically and socially in Australia transforming lives through financial and related solutions.

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